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I am a Nature and Architectural photographer who captures images of quiet and serene places that provide a feeling of calm, peace, and solace; or mystery and intrigue.

I am in awe with the natural beauty of the world and magnitude of the universe, with all its phenomena.

As a cancer survivor, I found, as I walk through a park or along the beach, the quiet of nature brings me a feeling of peace. Seeing a reflection in a lake gives me time to reflect on life, listening to a flowing stream is soothing to the soul, opens the mind, and brings a feeling of balance and focus. The sounds of nature or visiting historical, or places of worship is tranquil and serene to me. When I feel lost or overwhelmed this is how I find me!

Photography is a way for me to re-connect with my inner-self, and allows me to create photographs of what feels right at that moment in time. With this work, I hope to stir your emotions, create conversation and take you to a place of quiet contemplation.

Live for Today,
Tomorrow May Never Come

To purchase images for promotional or commercial use, or publication in any medium, please contact Sandy by email at for terms and conditions.

Sandy donates a portion of each sale to the Wounded Warrior Project and American Cancer Society. Our military heroes and those fighting the battle with cancer appreciate your support.

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Have A Happy, Healthy, and Fun Day!

Sandra G